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State: Kentucky
District: Fayette Co. Public Schools

FCPS Child Nutrition welcomes you to our online Free and Reduced Price Meal Application.
It is fast, confidential and you will receive notification faster than with a traditional paper form.

Once you complete the process please keep the Application Number you are given for your records. A notification letter will be sent to the address you provide. If you do not receive the letter within 14 days of your submission date, please call 859-381-3838.

Our program has changed! Before you begin, please read the following. You may need to complete a different form.

GREAT NEWS! 34 Fayette County Public Schools will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the 2016-2017 school year! At these schools, all students will eat for free regardless of eligibility. Check below to see if your school is participating and what you need to do.

List of CEP school locations for 2016-2017 school year:
Arlington Elementary Lexington Traditional Middle
Breckinridge Elementary Mary Todd Elementary
Bryan Station High Meadowthorpe Elementary
Bryan Station Middle Millcreek Elementary
Cardinal Valley Elementary MLK Academy
Carter G. Woodson Academy Northern Elementary
Crawford Middle Russell Cave Elementary
Deep Springs Elementary Southern Elementary
Dixie Elementary Southern Middle
Family Care Center & Lexington Day Treatment Squires Elementary
Fayette Co. Preschool Center STABLES
Glendover Elementary Tates Creek Elementary
Harrison Elementary Tates Creek Middle
James Lane Allen Elementary The Learning Center
Julius Marks Elementary William Wells Brown Elementary
Lansdowne Elementary Winburn Middle
Leestown Middle Yates Elementary
*What is CEP? Community Eligibility Provision allows school districts in high poverty areas to provide meals free of charge to students in schools that qualify.

*How were schools selected? Schools were selected based on the percentage of directly certified students.

*What is a "Directly Certified" (DC) student? Students may be directly certified when the receive certain federal benefits including SNAP and K-TAP. Students identified by the district as homeless, Head Start, migrant, or runaways are also considered directly certified. Some foster children and some children receiving Medicaid may also be directly certified.

*Do I have to complete a Family Application for Meal Benefits for my child/children? Please review the questions below to determine the form needed:

---->If all students in your household attend CEP schools (listed above), please DO NOT complete this Family Application for Meal Benefits. Instead you will need to complete an Educational Benefits Form (EBF). The EBF can be requested at your school in the front office.
---->If some children in your household attend CEP schools and some children in your household attend non-CEP schools, you should complete the Family Appication for Meal Benefits. You will NOT need to complete an EBF.
---->If all students in your household attend non-CEP schools, you should continue here to complete the Family Application for Meal Benefits. You will NOT need to complete an EBF.
---->If you received a Notification of Direct Certification, you DO NOT need to complete either form. However, please check the letter to ensure that all children in the household are listed. If not, please call us at 859-381-3838.

*What is an EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS FORM (EBF)? Parents whose students all attend CEP schools and are not directly certified for free meals will complete an EBF. This form is used to determine eligibility for fee waivers and other educational benefits generally available to free students or reduced students. The EBF forms are available at your school in the front office.

*When do I complete the EBF? The EBF should be completed and processed prior to September 15, 2016. If your child enrolls at a CEP school from a non-CEP school or another district and they have not already qualified for benefits, they need to complete an EBF when they register at the school.

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